What you need to know when you rent a car for the first time

What you need to know when you rent a car for the first time

3 Mar. 2020

What you need to know when you rent a car for the first time 

When you choose rent a car services for the first time, there is a list of things that we recommend. Whether you rent a car at the Airport, at the rent a car agency's office or in any location you choose, there are certain details without which it is best not to start on the road:

  1. Always make sure you rent from a commercial entity / legal entity. I would never rent cars from natural persons, because you can expose yourself to all kinds of legal damages.
  2. Request the car rental company The rental contract and the Minutes of delivery and receipt of the car. Never pay before reading the provisions of the contract.
  3. Handing over and taking over the rental car should be done in an area with sufficient light to identify any scratches / damage that the car has.
  4. Always check the condition of the tires or if they are changed for the appropriate season. Don't forget to let the car rental agent know in advance if you go to mountain areas where it may be snowy and in the warmer months.
  5. Ask if the rent a car company has a mileage limit per car per day. Otherwise you will wake up with higher rates or additional fees.
  6. Ask the rent agent to explain to you how to proceed if it is about renting cars in Cluj-Napoca that are damaged or involved in a car accident.
  7. Ask to present the main documents of the car for rent: Talon, RCA, Rovigneta and CASCO insurance, if applicable.

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